How to clean fridgeTo be honest there are no clever tricks or shortcuts to cleaning your fridge, but there are some simple and effective measures you can take once you have cleaned it to ensure it’s not a huge job in the future ! Clean your fridge thoroughly; remembering to clean the seals in the doors, a toothbrush can be very useful. Also make sure you wipe the fridge dry, so you don’t leave it damp. For Other Helpful Tips Please Follow Kanklean Blog

It is common practice to line our cupboards and drawers in the kitchen but we don’t usually think about doing it in the fridge, other than the crisper bins. There are a number of options for your fridge shelves; you can use cling wrap but this will need replacing regularly and is not very Eco-friendly. The best option is inexpensive plastic place-mats; if you have a small spill you can just wipe them over, for a large spill remove, wash in the sink then dry and replace. You can also cut a mat to fit the shelves in your fridge door. Using mats in your fridge can make a huge difference to your cleaning time down the line.

Another tip is use plastic baskets and Tupperware on your fridge shelves, grouping like items together; not only will help keep your fridge cleaner it is much easier to find things, you can slide the baskets out for easy access.


We all Have Fridges in our Home and cleaning our kitchen and Fridges is always important task in cleaning, Many of us still have fridges that are not frost free or self defrosting and it can be a laborious task to defrost the freezer.

One of the most important rules when defrosting your freezer is never use metal utensils the chip away at the ice; it can be very tempting but the danger of damaging your freezer is too high, a sturdy plastic spatula is your best option. Please avoid hairdryers also; hairdryers and water are not a good combination.

So, empty your freezer, sort through the items, discard anything that is past its prime and store them in your esky or a clean garbage bag while you get on with the job.

Now, turn your fridge off and place a pan of hot water in the base of the freezer, as the ice loosens use your spatula to dislodge the ice. Regularly change the water in the pan as it will cool down quite quickly. Another useful item during the process is a dustpan; you can use this to scoop out any water and ice that collects in the bottom of the freezer. Repeat these steps until the process is complete, and then wipe the surfaces dry before turning the fridge back on.

If you can easily move your fridge this is a good time to vacuum the coils at the back of the fridge before turning it back on.

An easy way of dealing with your freezer, is to prevent the build up of in the first place; once you have defrosted and cleaned your freezer; put a little olive oil on a paper towel and wipe the inside of your freezer , this will prevent ice build up. Another time and effort mini-miser is to once a month; empty your freezer and using a spray bottle filled with warm water spray the surfaces and wipe them down, this can
Remember prevention is better than cure with many of your kitchen chores !