Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning Services and Residential Cleaning Services is one of the most rapidly growing service sectors in today’s busy world. The two widely used services in this are commercial cleaning service and residential cleaning services. Cleaning service providers are trained professionals who work as per the client requirements.

Residential Cleaning ServicesThe service is available anytime and any day. Commercial cleaning service providers are flexible with the operating hours of the customers and willing to work for them during the non-productive hours when the day to day business is not affected. Commercial cleaning service is all about cleaning the work premises which may be corporate office, work floors, storage place etc where as residential cleaning is cleaning of house, villas, bungalows etc. In commercial cleaning service it is the duty of the service provider to keep the premises clean and efficient as it reflects the status of the company in the market.

The office has to be free of germs and bacteria so that the workers are healthy by all means for better productivity. Usually the commercial cleaning services bill their clients on a monthly or quarterly basis or half yearly basis. The client and the service provider will get into an official agreement as per the requirements of the clients to which the invoice will be agreed. This service will save a lot of time and money for the business owners as it will not affect their work schedule.

When it comes to residential cleaning service the methodology changes as this service include stain removal service, window cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning and waxing services. The residential service providers will work only during the day time and will not opt for working at nights as it will create disturbance to the neighbors and house owners. It is not a daily service and usually will be once in a week or twice a week service. There are rare cases where the owners ask for daily service and it will be in the daytime only.

The bills are submitted to house owners on the day of service and the payments should be made on that day itself. The service providers prefer the house owners to be present at home while the work is in progress as it will provide security for their belongings. Aged population who likes to live independently will go for this residential cleaning service as it is very helpful in getting their work done which they could not do alone.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne for Restaurants

Restaurants are among the best examples of businesses that need to use Commercial Cleaning service Melbourne. Their size is usually not enough to justify investment in any solution that implies cleaning by own staff. Basic daily cleaning duties are always done by the staff, but every major hygiene task requires attention.

Dealing with served foods means that high standards regarding hygiene are required. Most stains and other unclean remains from food left on floors, furniture, table covers and kitchen appliances quickly become source of fresh food contamination. That is why it should be cleaned thoroughly, and hiring a professional service is the best option.

Most restaurant staff are dealing directly with food. Regardless they prepare meals or just serve them, it definitely implies that it’s not the best to require from them to do cleansing between two tasks of dealing with food.commercial cleaning melbourne services

Imagine going to a restaurant, may it even be an inexpensive fast food outlet – to see a waiter serving you straight after finishing his weekly toilet cleaning duty. Most people would be disgusted, and even if they don’t show it in any way, it’s almost certain that they are, and that it’s very likely their last visit to that place.

Hiring own cleaning personnel is not justified by the size of any restaurant. And if it is a chain of restaurants, looking to have a cleaning unit to maintain all the branches it will require getting a vehicle for them. It is clear that hiring commercial cleaning service is always a cheaper option.

commercial cleaning Melbourne serviceRestaurants can also have mishaps when food spills, either by staff or guests, involving greasy and spicy foods that are very hard to be thoroughly removed from carpets, table covers, kitchen appliances etc. While the food is easy to remove immediately, stains remain and require additional attention by staff. Staff will not have time to deal with it, but it would need to be removed instantly, so the guests couldn’t see it. That is why a cleaning service should be called right after something like that happens.

For a customer, hygienic standards in restaurants are equally important as food and overall service quality. Windows, glass doors, floors, the bar, sanitary rooms – it is all what many customers would have a look at when making a decision whether to visit that restaurant again or not.

An ideal solution is to hire a commercial cleaning Melbourne service which offers daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning options, along with urgent cleaning after incidents such as food spill, broken glass.

What to look when in need for commercial cleaning services?

Are you in need for commercial cleaning services? Having clean office or any other space is very important. The first thing a client or a customer sees is your working area. Therefore, it should be clean and inviting. When you are about to search for a cleaning company, you should look for a company that takes pride in their services and are equipped to clean all sorts of areas. From commercial buildings, offices, industrial units to warehouses and large areas. If you have a big surface that needs cleaning, like windows, do not worry, some of the best cleaning companies have professional team of cleaners who will take care of the most need for commercial cleaning servicesdemanding areas.

Before the cleaning begins, you should discuss everything with the representative of the company. Conduct a meeting and agree about all the details, such as budget and timing. Be direct, and say what you need, and how you want it done.

If you run a chemical laboratory, be sure to find a company that is equipped to deal with all sorts of chemical impurities, dirt and waste. Pay special attention to microbes that are not visible to the naked eye, which might have unpleasant repercussions. When searching a commercial cleaning company, it would not be a bad idea to find a company that takes pride in green cleaning. Green cleaning reduces usage of chemicals. Once the cleaning process is finished, you will be able to spot the change in environment. That will boost everyone’s spirit, and people will contribute in a new way.

If you wish to find a suitable company which will keep your area clean and spotless, here are a few services that the company should include:

  • Home cleaning
  • Office cleaning Services
  • Removal of stains and spill
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning services after a move-out
  • Carpet and rug cleaning

If you run a big company, these are all necessary things which will make your working area look good and appealing. That is one of the most important things. If you have a client over, it is very important to leave a good first impression. A professional team of cleaners will always be ready to undertake any job, at any time. Feel free to browse through some websites in order to gain more information. You can find online many suitable commercial cleaning companies. Remember, they are just a phone call away. Make sure you and your business get only the best!

The Requirement of Commercial Cleaning

The Important Factors or Requirement of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning signifies the advanced cleaning methodologies adopted by professional companies for cleaning. The domain of commercial cleaning includes home cleaning, offices cleaning services, schools, shops, hospitals, banks and many more. Different buildings require different approaches of cleaning and a professional cleaning company knows exactly how to do it all.

We all understand that a clean environment is not only essential for proper physical health but also a good mental condition. One can’t expect his or her workers to deliver their best in a dirty and unhygienic working condition. It is for this reason that commercial cleaning should not be considered an expense but an investment. A clean working condition means that the workers will be more productive. It will also bring down the chances of employees commercial cleaningfalling sick which impinges the overall productivity of the firm.

Another obvious fact is that keeping other factors constant, a clean office is more likely to have a positive impact on your clients as compared to a grubby environment. The corporates understand this fact well and invest handsomely in the cleaning department. A clean and hygienic environment does help to bring out the best in the workers and help close more deals with the clients. These are the dividends if you consider cleaning as an investment. Apart from this the employees also enjoy a better working condition and are in a good start of mind.

In a commercial environment it is likely that there would be a lot of foot movements, moving of goods, spillage accidents etc. These can make cleaning and maintaining a clean environment a daunting work. The need of a company which can handle all the cleaning necessities and is well equipped to handle all kinds of cleaning requirements is growing with each passing day and it has prompted the idea of commercial cleaning companies.

Commercial cleaning companies handle all the cleaning requirements to clean a building and are well equipped to tackle all kinds of dirt. Commercial cleaning companies are well equipped to clean all kinds of floors, carpets, windows, walls, rugs, tiles etc. Special attention is given to clean the microbes which may not be visible but may have severe effects. Practices of green cleaning which reduces the dependence on chemical are also being adopted. Once the cleaning is carried out you can yourself feel the difference and the change in environment will prompt the workers to contribute in a whole new way.

Major Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services in Australia

Maintaining a clean and a healthy environment is the basic requirement of a business organization. Though they have workers to carry out the cleaning process, the task is just done to keep the surroundings clean. For thorough cleaning of the building, walls, carpets, tiles and floor, it is better to hire commercial cleaning services. Outsourcing the project to a reputed company will make sure that your building is cleaned and maintained to perfection.benefits of hiring Commercial Cleaning Services professional

However, there are several business owners who think that hiring a commercial cleaning service is wastage of money. Here are some major benefits of hiring Commercial Cleaning Services professionals which will let you know that hiring the professionals is essential.

Saves time – once you hire the professionals, you are no longer required to invest time in inspecting the cleaning task. The professionals know their work and generally carry out the cleaning work after office hours. This prevents any hurdle or disturbance in the work of the employees and allows them to deliver perfection.

Money saving – With professional cleaning services, you are no longer required to hire additional employees for the cleaning work and pay them.

Healthy environment – the commercial cleaning services are very well aware of the cleaning processes that should be incorporated to clean different rooms, floors and carpets. They even sanitize the areas for preventing any kind of infection. Hence, they create a healthy environment for the employees to work which in turn results in enhanced efficiency of the employees.

Wide range of services – the commercial cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning services and you can hire them as per your requirements. With such professionals, you are no longer required to hire different service providers for different tasks. The professionals can clean your floors, walls, outer area of the building, dark stains and spots on the tiles, carpets etc. you just need to get in touch with a reputed service provider.

Affordable packages – the best thing about the professionals is that they offer services in packages availing which, you can easily save a good amount. These packages cover most of the cleaning services and you can also include or exclude services according to your requirements.

So, hiring a professional cleaning service is essential for a business organization as it plays an important role in helping the company in creating good impressions on its clients. You can search for reliable companies online, get quotes and hire one that meets your budget.




Cleanliness is an integral doctrine and part of almost all the cultures. To keep ourselves and the surrounding clean is one of the foremost natural tendencies of every normal human in this world. Despite this fact we as humans consider cleaning as an evil task because it involves dirt, at times blood and even smelly shits. Commercial cleaning services have grown to the extent that they are called and referred to as an industry now. How to hire the right personnel and the rates or salaries to offer them is quite an art.

Features of specialized commercial cleaning services:

Experience and hiring are two key basic features of commercial cleaning services. It is as simple as experienced consultants and supervisors will come up with best strategy to fixate the trials and errors in the industry. It is mostly misunderstood that this field does not require experience. It is absolutely out of question to make a person who doesn’t have the ability to take charge on others, the caretaker of all the issues which persist in this field or industry.commercial cleaning service providers

Why to hire commercial cleaning service providers?

There are moments in one’s life where it is not possible to control the situation. In those conditions, these commercial cleaning services provider plays a very important role in the society. Some basic points why commercial cleaning service providers overshadow its advantages on us are as follows:

  • Scheduled cleaning:

This is one of the foremost advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning service provider. Scheduled and timely cleaning brings the entire office, hospital or industries work in harmony. It is equally important to co-operate and work along the fixed timings of cleaning the rooms etc.

  • Experienced profile:

Why do you think we go for commercial cleaning service providers? Apart from other key points, experienced profile also makes the importance of the company which offers the services. It is not your headache to train them and wait for the productivity. The entire hassle is on the service providers head and you get your job done without any pressure or tension.

  • Mutual understanding makes work easier:

It is rightly said that when things are mutually decided, it takes less pain to undergo situations which may affect your work. Likewise, when you mutually decide with the supervisor how you want things to be handled, it becomes easy for you and the supervisor to get things done within no time.

Commercial Cleaning Services – Tips to Give the Best

Higher the degree of maintenance policies goes; the tougher it becomes to keep a check and balance in the entire place. It is rightly judged to understand that the supervisor or inspector of commercial cleaning services needs to have certain potentials and capabilities.


In the commercial cleaning industry, many things are supposed to be kept in consideration. commercial cleaningSome of the basic ones are mentioned below:

  • It is worthwhile to work with the janitors in the first few months. It builds a good rapport and clients’ satisfaction level increases.
  • To know what really the services would include is another key factor which develops the entire notion of the industry. Some specialize in cleaning the house as a team, murder scenes, hospitals, the lavatory etc.
  • Before approaching the entire idea how you should start the setup of commercial cleaning services, it is better to chart out few things which may include:
  • Hospitability
  • Cleanliness of attire
  • Soft and humble janitors
  • No to rudeness
  • Friendly and confident personnel/staff
  • Cleaning products should be always of high quality. Although branded cleaners may not give the same quality of washing. It is better to understand the notion that all brands are not always the best and at times, low profile brands at times are the good ones and they produce better results.


There are many people who are involved in one team of people who project their services as a commercial cleaner. The entire team is divided into different groups or sets. Usually the first person who is the sole authority of the entire company of commercial cleaning services is the owner. Under him there are different positions which include:

  • Supervisors:

These are the people who are the entire custodians of the janitors and cleaners. Their work Commercial Cleaningis related to keeping an eye on the work done and to make sure if it is good or not. They also check the complaints of the clients who seek for their help and get things sorted out between the cleaners and the clients.

  • Cleaners and janitors:

These are the people who have the real hold on the company because cleaners are the real players. They are the ones who complete the gig and are paid for the jobs.

The industry of commercial cleaners services is increasing rapidly not only because it is on which a certain social class depends but also because of the dependency of working is shared with a lot of other people.


Moving in/out of Accommodation made Easy with Professional Cleaners

In today’s times, people and office owners are moving from apartments, homes and offices on a regular basis. Moving in and out of accommodations can be quite a stressful affair with a lot of things to be looked over within a very short time. One of the major items on the things-to-do list is cleaning the premises before moving in or moving out. However, this item can be assuredly ticked off the list, nowadays, with the availability of professional cleaners to do the job.

Why are Professional Move-in/out Cleaners needed?

The professional cleaners play an important role in the cleanliness aspect of the property in question, irrespective of whether it is rented or owned. In case of rental accommodation, the recovery of security depoprofessional cleanerssit depends on the property’s shape as to whether there have been any damages or any build-up of dirt or grease and so on. The property has to be in a very good and clean shape before it is handed over and it involves a lot of hard work. This is where the professional cleaners come into the picture and make the property spick and span. They clean the floors, windows, bathrooms, kitchen with all its items such as range hood, stove and refrigerator and so on. If the unit included furniture, upholstery, carpets then they are also are steam cleaned.

Moving in and out is made hassle-free with the coming of professional cleaners.

How do the professional move-in/out cleans prove beneficial?

The housewife and the business owner alike are greatly benefited from the services of such professional cleaners. Following are some benefits obtained from them:

Latest Cleaning Equipment

The experience and expertise of the professionals can never be replicated by the housewife or business owner’s staff. Dry, steam and foam-based cleaning equipment used by them is highly effective in doing its job without causing any harm to the items cleaned. Such high-tech equipment is beyond the reach of ordinary individuals.

Affordable Costs

Compared to the quality of services offered, the costs charged are pretty reasonable. Moreover, the individual can tailor his own package of services needed and pay for them alone. Monthly discounts or other schemes are also available and these can further reduce the prices.

Trained Professionals

The staff hired at the professional cleaners are all trained as per the relevant industry requirement. The cleaners have obtained training and certificates which assure the user of high quality service always.

Hence, now onwards, each individual who wishes to move in and out of any property can leave his cleaning-up worries far behind.



Ensure Clean And Sparkling Surroundings With The Best Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean and tidy environment is a must for a business. It not only provides a healthy working environment to the employees but also plays an important role in impressing the clients that visit your office. It is due to this fact that most of the businesses hire best commercial cleaning services. These services have trained employees who make sure that the floors of the office, washrooms, tiles etc. are cleaned thoroughly. Though you might have workers to do the regular cleaning job, professionals make sure that the irremovable stains are removed, carpets are cleaned, cleaning services company

If you wish to ensure proper cleanliness of your organization or building, it is better you outsource the project to a reputed commercial cleaning agency. There are many agencies offering work worldwide. So, you might get confused in selecting the best one. Here are some tips that will help you to zero in on the best cleaning services.

  • Evaluate your requirements –before hiring a service, it is necessary to know your requirements. Once, you know what type of service you need, you will be able to find the service providers accordingly. Look whether you wish to get the floors cleaned, or carpets cleaned or sanitized or any other service.
  • Experience –having a look at the experience of the company will help you to a great deal to make sure that they will be able to provide you quality services as per your requirements. A company having experienced professionals will surely deliver outstanding services.
  • Certification – before hiring any service, you need to check out whether the company is certified to offer services in your area or not. A certified company is reliable and should be hired. Uncertified companies can prove to be a scam.
  • Insurance –the commercial cleaning service should provide insurance on the services that it offers so that you can rest assured of the damages, if any, caused during the cleaning process.
  • Check the portfolio –you can check the past projects handled by the commercial cleaning company. You can also talk to the previous clients of the company and know their reviews about the service provider. If the reviews are good, you can consider hiring the service provider.
  • Get quotes – most of the service providers offer online quotes to the customers. You can get quotes from different companies that are reliable for the work that you wish to get completed. You can compare the quotes from different companies and finalize the one that offers quality services at affordable prices.

Give Your Home a New Look thru’ Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services have become an integral aspect of every home and office in today’s times and rightly so. The level of cleanliness that is achieved by the professional cleaners cannot be achieved by the layman makingit difficult to do without them. One task which is fundamental to maintaining a clean and allergy free environment at your home or workplace is that of carpet cleaning. Nowadays, professional carpet cleaning services can be availed of and the experts who come in give the home a totally new look through their carpet cleaning services.carpet cleaning services

Clean Carpets -Top Priority at Home

Carpets are layers of fibers supposed to give a snug and cozy feel to whoever comes in close contact with it. At the same time, it is these very soft fibers that attract all the dirt, bits and pieces that come via the windows, individual’s shoes or any other source and hold them tight within them. This can be harmful if there are pets or kids in the house and they happen to lie on such carpets. Irritations, allergic reactions due to the pollutants on the carpet can occur and this can lead to other illnesses.

The same pollutants can cause harm to the carpet as they get lodged into the fibers wearing them down. As a result, a noticeable roughness is felt below the feet and the carpet will need to be replaced in a very short time. Stains on the carpet are difficult to be cleaned through store bought carpet cleaners giving it again an old look prematurely.

Professional Carpet Cleaners- Right Solution

Professional carpet cleaners use modern cleaning methods which remove all the pollutants from the carpet without harming the delicate fibers in any way. The cleaning methods specifically hot water extraction cleaning leaves no residue and is totally soap free and safe for all varieties of carpets.commercial carpet cleaning services

Stains can be eliminated from the carpets with ease, thus, increasing their life-span and making them look new again. Moreover, with today’s customers insisting on eco-friendly methods, the professional carpet cleaners with their green technology are the right answer to their need. The stain removers, conditioners and protectors adopted for certain carpets cause no harm to the environment and get washed clean.

The greatest advantage obtained from professional carpet cleaners is that the drying time is drastically reduced. The industrial suctioning equipment used in the hot water extraction cleaning ensures that the carpet is dried in as less as an hour. Carpets get cleaned, dried fast, look new and remain so, for a long time to come.


Do-It-Yourself Commercial Cleaning Products

Stop spending an arm and a leg at the supermarket purchasing cleaning products you can simply make at home. Look at the following recipes and give them a try.

  • Scrubbing cream cleanser: Say goodbye to the toxic chemicals, fumes, and high price of commercial scrubbing cream cleanser. Make your own scrubbing cleanser  by mixing 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 TBS dish soap, and enough vinegar to moisten it to a paste. Scrub surfaces with a damp sponge and a blob of DIY homemade scrubbing cream products
  • Fabric Softener: Adding a quarter cup of white vinegar to the soak cycle of your wash is an effective, ecologically-sensitive, fragrance-free fabric softener.
  • Wood Furniture Polish: You’ll never have to buy artificially-scented lemon furniture polishing spray again if you make this recipe for lemon wood furniture polish. Mix 2 TBS lemon juice, 10 drops lemon essential oil, and 1/2 cup vegetable oil. Dab a microfiber cloth into the mixture, and polish furniture.
  • Air Freshener: Synthetic air fresheners will be a thing of the past in your house thanks to this recipe that really cuts household odours. Mix baking soda with 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and place in a small Mason jar with a cheese cloth inside the ring instead of the metal cover.
  • Tub and Tile Cleaner:  Fill the handle of a reservoir-handle sponge with half dishwashing soap and half vinegar. Scrub your shower tile down with it after you shower, and then rinse off. You can integrate cleaning the shower into your daily shower routine, no mess and no fuss.
  • All Purpose Cleaner: Soaking citrus peels in vinegar adds the scent and cleaning power of citrus to already powerful vinegar. “1. Fill a one quart mason jar with citrus peels. 2. Cover peels with white vinegar, place lid on jar, shake and allow to sit for 2-3 weeks. 3. Strain the citrus peels out of the vinegar. 4. Mix the vinegar solution and water in a spray bottle. (You can mix it in a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 solutions depending on how strong you want your solution).”

Is your business suitable for commercial cleaning?

We undertake all kinds of commercial cleaning in kinds of commercial buildings, from shops to offices, to warehouses and industrial units. All our commercial cleaning contracts are agreed with each client on an individual basis and to fall within allocated budgets and timings. Large scale cleans as one offs, regular cleaning or sporadic cleans can be incorporated as and when needed.

What does Commercial Cleaning include and is it suitable for us?commercial-home-cleaning

  • General office cleaning
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Pressure Wash Cleaning
  • Washroom Services

Also included could be; Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Chewing gum Removal, General cleaning Solutions, Grounds Maintenance, Graffiti Removal and Pest Control. Don’t forget a clean and fresh office or workspace means happy, healthy staff and less hours and money lost due to sickness. Most communicable viruses at work are passed on via touching objects, such as phones and door handles, in and about the workplace. Commercial cleaners offer  thorough and regular commercial cleaning service so that you and your staff are kept healthy and safe.

What is more important than making a great first impression to your customers or clients when you welcome them into your workspace. A warm, pleasing and clean office gives them the impression of a professional business they can work with. To achieve this an experienced cleaning team will put that professional polish on your businesses to help meet and greet your customers with the cleanliness they deserve.


Strategies to hiring an office cleaning company

If you’re reading this blog then you’re possibly considering employing a office cleaning company. Our aim is to give you some insight into potential pitfalls and give you as much knowledge as possible to make the task easier.

Insurance – there is sometimes a tendency to dispense with Liability Insurance and some companies deem it unnecessary and very expensive. Ask for a copy of the insurance schedule – every company should have it and a bona fide company will not object.Office Cleaning

No guarantee – avoid companies that don’t offer a guarantee. Reputable companies are always happy to guarantee their work… here at moirs we have a “we get it right or we do it again for free” guarantee on all our work

No testimonials – the best indicator of a companies ability to provide a 1st class service is past performance. Avoid companies that are unable to provide you with lots of testimonials – it’s never good!

Absence / Holiday cover – What happens when your cleaner is on holiday or unwell? Do you get a replacement or do you have to do the cleaning yourself. Make sure you don’t accept a “hit & miss” service. Your office cleaning company should offer a service and not just a cleaner.

Trustworthiness – All of the above contributes to this but you should ask for references too. Any reputable cleaning company will have current clients that are happy to speak / email with potential clients. You should also be very wary of signing a contract straightaway and it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a trial period.

Hope this is helpful and good luck in your search.. and for the avoidance of doubt we are happy to do all of the above!

Very Basic Commercial Cleaning Tips You Need To Remember

With the increasing requirements and stress of our life, we are left to on the tender judgment to leave household tasks related to cleaning to other commercial companies. You may not have sufficient time to clean your workplace or house when there is already too much to do in your occupation schedules. Having a few good commercial cleaning tips is extremely vital if you find yourself going down this course.

Initially, you must think about when and why you need a certain company to help you in your cleaning.  If you are an individual who is very much devotCleaning Services companyed to your work, you may need to separate yourself in cleaning the office where you work at to keep yourself, your customers and your clients comfortable. Take into consideration that there are certain things in your office area/home that you will not be able to clean appropriately. Examples of these would be cases of plumbing, mould growth, general cleaning (too wearisome for you), renovations, moving in or out, etc. These cases of office cleaning require a more professional approach on how to handle them.

Occasionally you may want to hire a commercial cleaning company to have a more relaxed life. Being comfortable and not too stressed out can maximize your working potential, Cleaning tips by kankleanleaving less room for error whenever you are working because you are no longer thinking on what to do about the mess or filth in your  place of work.

If you have water damages on your home or office, you may want to contact a company cleaning services that have personnel who specialize in plumbing areas. If you have mould troubles that damage your residence, you may need professional work on how to deal with them. Rat and insect problems are also one of the main reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning company. You cannot donate so much time catching all those bugs at once. And undoubtedly you do not have the essential resources or equipment to handle so many pests.

Another significant commercial cleaning tip is to research the background of the commercial cleaning company you are about to hire. Their staff and/or workers may not have very good backgrounds, and some of them might even be ex-criminals. You may not want these people inside your house. Always ask if the employees are all police checked and security checked before you allow them into your house.

Commercial Cleaning Products You Can Stop Buying Now

With the following homemade cleaner recipes you will never have to purchase cleaning products such as detergents, and even deodorants ever again. Here are 6 easy and cheap recipes for you:
1. Dishwasher Detergent: Mix together 2 C. Borax, 2 C. Baking Soda, and 6 oz. LemiShine (available at Target, Walmart, and most grocery stores).Use 1 T. per full load.commercial cleaning products

2. Laundry Detergent: It contains 1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax, 1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of washing soda, 2 (14.1 oz) bars of Fels-Naptha (grated on a cheese grater), 1 (5 lb) bag of baking soda, and 20 drops of essential oil. Stir all of the dry ingredients together in a large bucket with a big spoon. Then remove about 1/2 cup of the mixture and put the 20 drops of essential oil in it. Mix well and break up clumps. Add to the powdered mixture. Store in airtight containers.

3. Glass Cleaning Spray: Say goodbye to that stinky blue liquid glass cleaning spray, because your new way of cleaning glass involves only water, dish soap, sponges, a squeegee, and absorbent cloths.

4. Deodorant: a dusting of baking soda is the best underarm deodorant ever.

5. Disposable Sweeper Cloths: Do you love the convenience of disposable sweeper cloths, but feel uneasy about spending so much money and throwing out so much solid waste? Cut up Polar Fleece fabric (like an old scarf or a thrifted sweatshirt) and affix it to the sweeper the same way that you’d affix the disposable cloth. Launder instead of throwing out! Use them forever!

6. Goo Remover: You won’t have to buy that odorous commercial goo remover when you have this recipe. Mix two parts vegetable oil with one part baking soda. Apply it to glass jars with sticker goo on them, and rub off the sticker goo with ease.

Importance of Commercial Cleaners

“Being a Commercial Cleaner is not an important job; I don’t want to do something that doesn’t make a difference.”

Hold it right there! Just because Commercial Cleaners don’t have their office cleaning melbourne staffown reality TV series doesn’t mean they aren’t important. If anyone ever doubts the value of their friendly office cleaning staff, they should imagine the fallout of flu season if there were no professional on hand to clean the doorknobs, desks and other surfaces that transmit illness-causing bacteria.

Without Commercial Cleaners and other cleaning professionals, we would probably be sick more often, less productive, have more accidents and generally be surrounded by a constant build up of grime. That’s why even if you don’t become a Commercial Cleaner, you should be sure to thank the ones that you probably see every day.

Many companies take short cuts in keeping their business and office spaces clean. It is a cheap and dangerous short cut. There are two ways this happens.

The first one is that they get their own employees to do the cleaning for them, so all the time they spend cleaning is money lost to the business for those not doing work. They also commercial cleaners melbourneare not experienced commercial cleaners so they probably will not do a very good job. They will miss some important areas and not use the right equipment to sanitise and deodorise different areas and services. On top of this, they may begin resenting cleaning as being part of their job, because they never saw this on their job application when applying!

The second way this is done is by not cleaning at all, leading to a very unsafe working environment.

Career Paths

  • Commercial Cleaner staff supervisor
  • Maintenance worker

Similar Positions

  • Maintenance worker
  • Landscaper
  • Grounds maintenance worker
  • Maid

Extra Perks

  • Flexible hours
  • Staying active while you work


Why Trust Commercial Cleaners

In Australia, the US, and Europe, commercial cleaning service’s companies or commercial cleaners are required to check all employees for evidence of a criminal background. Many homeowners, businesses and corporations insist on these police checks before allowing outside contractors onto their premises.

This is because the commercial cleaning industry employs large amounts of people in all areas of the economy from factories to offices, hospitals to schools, airccommercial cleaners melbournerafts to shops. Health and safety law applies to all corporations, no matter how little. As an employer, or a self-employed person, you are responsible for health and safety in your business. You need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of workplace dangers and provide a safe working environment. For More Information About safety and Commercial Cleaning services, please contact Kanklean.

Employers must appoint someone competent to help them meet your health and safety duties. A competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety.

Employers can appoint (one or a combination of):

  • themselves;
  • one or more of your workers;
  • Someone from outside your business.

commercial cleaners melbourneIf employers and business owners are not confident of their own abilities to manage all health and safety in-house, they may need some external help or advice. The market has change dramatically throughout the years, and the introduction of new legislation, has added new complications for buyers looking to go out into the market to find a new supplier.

It will be very rare for any business to find customers who are willing to allow complete strangers into their home or office without the correct government checks. Those employing commercial cleaners must feel safe in doing so, and it is one of the first things they look for when deciding which company to go with. Furthermore, if you employ someone who is a risk for another company, it will be your responsibility and your company who is in jeopardy.

Commercial Cleaning Company that Communicate Well

Sustaining good communication with your commercial cleaning clients plays a big role in the success of your businKanklean Commercial Cleanersess. Being responsive and easy to reach helps protect your professional relationships. That’s the best advice franchise business owners can give. Good communication involves a number of things including the following:

  • Limited, if any, waiting time.
  • Tracking us down is not a difficult task when you need help
  • Personnel changeovers are always made known the clients, ahead of time.
  • Trying to be proactive about potential problems rather than reactive.
  • A reliable relationship with a management team who understands your specific cleaning needs

Many commercial cleaning companies lose money and clients because they do not develop good relationships with their customers and simply lack most or all of the above basics.

Ease of use and clarity is the secret to good communication. You shcommercial cleaners melbourneould always give more than one way to contact your business. Examples include land-line phones, mobiles, emails and snail mail. It is also very common for future customers to fill out online quoting forms where they can get an instant price range of the services they require. If you do not want to have this online, you can always have a quoting system that encourages the client to call for further inquiries.

Another clever suggestion is to guarantee a response time of four hours or less. Always remember to follow up all existing customer calls. If they are ignored then there is a higher chance you will lose them because they do not feel cherished. A simple call back will always help the situation.

Communication is the foundation of a good rapport, and that includes the one you have with your professional commercial cleaning company clients. Easy to contact and fast to react.


Commercial cleaning quotes

When bidding on commercial cleaning jobs, you need to offer more than just a square footage approximation. Work with prospective clients to get them the best value for their money by talking about the job in high detail so you can make a practical estimate.

Don’t be concerned if your estimate is higher than that of your commercial rivalries. In most cases, it won’t be. However, if it is, keep in mind that the customer service you provide upfront encourages potential clients that your business is the best option for their commercial cleaning requirements.Commercial-cleaning-kanklean

Get together with potential clients onsite to discuss the details of the job. Ask for a tour of the area that will require cleaning. Take note of flooring types, the amount of bathrooms, amount of offices and/or specific equipment that needs cleaning. Ask for structure plans or blueprints to establish the building’s square footage.

Discuss with customers the types of commercial cleaning services wanted. Develop a tailored plan to decrease both your and their costs while still providing the level of cleaning expected. For example, ask the client how many times per week he would like the computers cleaned instead of assuming that he wants the computers cleaned every night. Reducing examples like these from five days to two day per week can save the client a significant amount of money.

Decide the quantity of personnel needed to clean the area as well as how many hours it will take to clean the area based on similar jobs done previously. Calculate the hourly pay for all employees assigned to the job and multiply it by the amount of hours needed to clean the space. Also estimate the required equipment, materials and transport expenses.

Cleaning Services MelbourneWrite and put forward a proposal letter to the client. Potential clients may include property management directors, commercial property owners and small business owners. Include in your offer an outline of the job, the commercial cleaning services you plan to provide, a start date and fees for service.

Record the cost for each job task, such as vacuuming, mopping, office cleaning or floor waxing, and how often these tasks will be completed in your proposal letter. This demonstrates what clients get for their money and also allows clients the option to decline specific job tasks or reduce the numbers of days these tasks are performed.

Send formal proposal letters by email or mail.

Follow up with a phone call within two days to ask if there is anything else you can do to help the client with their decision.

The advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company

If you are administering a business, then there is the possibility that you are frequently concerned about the things that you can do in order to keep it clean. The thought of hiring a commercial cleaning company may have crossed your mind, or might be on your extensive to-do-list but there are numerous reasons as to why you should make that call today.

The first reason is that it will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you were to use your existing employees to Commercial Cleaningclean the workplace, then there is a chance that you would be paying them a high rate for something that could be completed by somebody in a lower wage bracket. If this is the case, then you will find that a cleaning company will provide experienced cleaning staff who would work for a lower rate than anybody that you could have in your own business.

On top of this, you can make a cleaning schedule that adheres to all your needs. The commercial  company would work with you to make sure that you were able to get the service that you need at a time that would suit you.

One of the best things about hiring a commercial cleaning company is the fact that you can be absolutely sure that what you’re getting is the thing that you need. The company that you hire will have the experience to understand exactly what is needed, and this means that you do not have to worry if you don’t always have all of the information that you need. They will be able to bring with them all of the required equipment, and therefore you would not have to pay to buy any of this yourself.

In general, it is clear that a cleaning company will do wonders for your business. They can save you money as you won’t have to pay a full time member of staff to do the Office cleaning, and they will bring with them everything that they need. It also means that you can stop worrying about whether you’re able to do the cleaning and simply focus on running your business, which should have a very good effect on the long term profits for your company.

There really is no reason that hiring a commercial cleaning service would be anything but a good thing when it comes to the future of your company.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

The best thing you can do is have your carpets professionally dry cleaned, buRemove Toner from Carpett here are a few carpet cleaning tips for the in between times.

If you have carpet, or rugs, in your home, invest in a good quality laundry pre-wash stain removal product, this can save you a lot of angst. Choose an active oxygen product and always follow the instructions, if your carpet is wool be sure to have a product that is suitable for wool. Please note, that this or any other tips should not be used on Persian rugs, these need specialist cleaning. These treatment products are terrific for getting blood stains out of carpet, but be very careful to only use cold water with them, hot water will set the stain.

Animal stains – we love our pets, but it’s a challenge when they use the carpet as a toilet ! To remove urine stains the simplest and most cost effective method is to wet the area with white vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar. Some people claim that using vinegar leaves a strong smell that will attract the pet to reoffend, however, if you use baking soda this will absorb the odour of the vinegar and the stain. Ideally, wait at least a day before vacuuming the area, to allow the concoction to do its thing; you may want to cover the area with something ie: a plate, so it doesn’t get spread everywhere.

Red Wineif you have carpet in your home and enjoy a glass of red wine, then keeping a bottle of soda water in theRemove Red Wine from Carpet cupboard is essential ! As soon as the mishap occurs grab the soda water, an old towel and pour the soda water on to the affected area. Now, here is the most important part, you must blot and NOT rub; if you rub the carpet you will only spread the wine, blotting will soak up the wine and soda water. It is also vital to keep rotating the towel so you are constantly using a clean area to blot. Keep repeating the process and you will be amazed that this easy method really works.

Candle Wax – If you are able to get on to this straight away use paper towels or something similar to soak up as much wax as possible – DO NOT RUB – this will only make the problem worse! When the wax is dry use a brown paper bag and your iron, on the lowest setting, lightly iron over the bag on top of the wax affected area. This method also works on clothes and upholstery, so be sure to recycle any clean brown paper bags and keep them at hand. If you are like me and don’t own an iron (hard to believe but true!) you can use your hairdryer.

Cleaning – Common items you never thought of using for different purposes!

Aluminum Foil also commonly known as Tin Foil:

Did you know that you can use tin foil to get baked on reside off glass casserole and baking dishes ? Just roll some tin foil into a ball and rub over the residue, you will find it comes off easily.
Cleaning tips melbourne After you’ve turned off your hot glue gun and it’s cooled down scrunch a small ball of tin foil and you can wipe over the nozzle and surrounds, removing the glue without harming yourself !

Many of us still have electric ovens with heating elements, and often ignore the element when cleaning the oven; so we possibly end up with toxic chemicals on the element which will keep burning off once the oven is clean. Making sure the oven is completely cold, wrap the elements in tin foil and set to cleaning; simply remove the foil once you have finished and you won’t be risking yours or your family’s health by cooking in an oven that has residual toxic chemicals.

If you are shampooing your carpet yourself, try wrapping the legs of your furniture with tin foil, this will prevent the moisture from being absorbed.


The bathroom/toilet are the most prone areas of your home for mould; as we become more aware of keeping our homes healthy, preventing mould is premium.
A common mistake when cleaning bathrooms is using the same cloths for different surfaces. Ideally you should have a different cloth for the bath and shower, then one for the basin and bench top and if possible disposable cloths or paper towels for the toilet.commen-cleaning-items

A simple squeegee will make a huge difference to preventing mould and your overall time and effort in cleaning your shower. By eliminating as much water from the shower using a squeegee each time you use it, you will cut down on the moisture and therefore avoid mould growing. You will also help prevent soap scum build up, so the shower will stay cleaner.

Don’t forget ventilation! Some older bathrooms don’t have fans, just a vent in the wall; a simple oscillating fan can be plugged into the bathroom as needed to get the air moving. With older and particularly small bathrooms, try to use natural cleaning products, rather than strong chemicals – white vinegar, baking soda, and lemons – are all great and won’t overwhelm you while you’re cleaning.

Whenever possible, wipe or squeegee the surfaces as you go, rather than leaving this for the weekly clean. You will make your life easier and healthier.


How to clean fridgeTo be honest there are no clever tricks or shortcuts to cleaning your fridge, but there are some simple and effective measures you can take once you have cleaned it to ensure it’s not a huge job in the future ! Clean your fridge thoroughly; remembering to clean the seals in the doors, a toothbrush can be very useful. Also make sure you wipe the fridge dry, so you don’t leave it damp. For Other Helpful Tips Please Follow Kanklean Blog

It is common practice to line our cupboards and drawers in the kitchen but we don’t usually think about doing it in the fridge, other than the crisper bins. There are a number of options for your fridge shelves; you can use cling wrap but this will need replacing regularly and is not very Eco-friendly. The best option is inexpensive plastic place-mats; if you have a small spill you can just wipe them over, for a large spill remove, wash in the sink then dry and replace. You can also cut a mat to fit the shelves in your fridge door. Using mats in your fridge can make a huge difference to your cleaning time down the line.

Another tip is use plastic baskets and Tupperware on your fridge shelves, grouping like items together; not only will help keep your fridge cleaner it is much easier to find things, you can slide the baskets out for easy access.


We all Have Fridges in our Home and cleaning our kitchen and Fridges is always important task in cleaning, Many of us still have fridges that are not frost free or self defrosting and it can be a laborious task to defrost the freezer.

One of the most important rules when defrosting your freezer is never use metal utensils the chip away at the ice; it can be very tempting but the danger of damaging your freezer is too high, a sturdy plastic spatula is your best option. Please avoid hairdryers also; hairdryers and water are not a good combination.

So, empty your freezer, sort through the items, discard anything that is past its prime and store them in your esky or a clean garbage bag while you get on with the job.

Now, turn your fridge off and place a pan of hot water in the base of the freezer, as the ice loosens use your spatula to dislodge the ice. Regularly change the water in the pan as it will cool down quite quickly. Another useful item during the process is a dustpan; you can use this to scoop out any water and ice that collects in the bottom of the freezer. Repeat these steps until the process is complete, and then wipe the surfaces dry before turning the fridge back on.

If you can easily move your fridge this is a good time to vacuum the coils at the back of the fridge before turning it back on.

An easy way of dealing with your freezer, is to prevent the build up of in the first place; once you have defrosted and cleaned your freezer; put a little olive oil on a paper towel and wipe the inside of your freezer , this will prevent ice build up. Another time and effort mini-miser is to once a month; empty your freezer and using a spray bottle filled with warm water spray the surfaces and wipe them down, this can
Remember prevention is better than cure with many of your kitchen chores !

Office Carpet Cleaning Tips and Suggestions

Remove Hard Candy from Carpet

  1. Begin by moistening the chocolate with warm water ¨C it could possibly take some time. It could melt away the sweets which were joining it to the floor carpet. After that is dissolved good enough to release, remove the big parts of chocolate away from the floor carpet. If required, a spoon enables you to scrape the chocolate away from the fabric.
  2. Next, utilize a spot remover to any kind of spots that stay on the floor carpet.Remove Hard Candy from Carpet
  3. Blot with a fresh towel to soak up the spot remover together with the spot. Move to a nice and clean part of the towel generally to prevent reapplying the spot.
  4. Blot the place with a towel moistened with white vinegar in cases where the spot stays.
  5. Once the spot is eliminated, blot the place with a good towel moistened with normal water to wash.
  6. Blot with a dried towel to eliminate every single additional wetness.
  7. Allow the place to air dry totally.

Remove Red Wine from Carpet

  1. Drizzle washing result on the spot.
  2. Blot with a wash dried towel until no spot presents on the towel. You should replace your towel frequently or utilize a wash square of the soft towel every time whenever blotting to check that you are not expanding the spot.
  3. Repeat actions 2 and 3 until the spot is not recognizable.Remove Red Wine from Carpet
  4. Spray with soaking result. (if you utilize this for dress, only clean after you usually would)
  5. Blot with wash towel
  6. Spray with clear water.
  7. Blot with wash towel. Do again if required to make sure each of washing result has been eliminated.
  8. Cover spot with good towel or mess of newspaper towels and set weighty pounds over the top (heavy novels, or others.)
  9. Leave that for many hours to soak up any of the staying juice.
  10. Let place air dry completely.
  11. Vacuum to bring back fabric to regular appearance.

Remove Soot from Carpet

  1. Start by sprinkling cooking pop, corn starch and any other absorbent electrical power over the discoloured place.
  2. Allow it to put for a couple of hours.
  3. Vacuum the electrical power away with a vacuum. Just in caseRemove Soot from Carpet the impacted places are along the baseboards, it becomes useful to utilize an addition to achieve the place more quickly.
  4. Next, moisten a gentle, clean towel with air dry washing water.
  5. Blot the discoloured places to moisten it with the water.
  6. Blot with a fresh towel to eliminate the spot and the extra water.
  7. Continue to utilize the water and blot with a wash towel until the spots are eliminated.
  8. Allow the place to fresh air dry totally.

Remove Toner from Carpet

  1. If a great deal of toner was spilled, scoop up as far as possible with a spoon. Vacuum cleaner the other parts of it away (without the roller cleans on). When it was water toner that spilled, blot up as far as possible with a cleanse, smooth towel.
  2. Once the leftover toner is eliminated, you will be preparing to focus on the spot that was remained.
  3. Moisten a gentle towel with dry-cleaning solvent.
  4. Blot it onto the darkened place.Remove Toner from Carpet
  5. As you will blotting with a wash towel, you may have seen the toner moving to the towel. Keep blotting. Move to another part of the towel or utilize a new towel if the used one becomes dirty to avoid reapplying the toner to the floor carpet.
  6. Moisten the towel with dry-cleaning solvent every time. Never put the solvent onto the floor carpet or saturate the place.
  7. If the spot is not loosening, with a number of continued tries, transfer onto the following action.
  8. Mix a couple of drops of plate cleansing cleanser with a glass of water.
  9. Dip a fresh towel into the combination and blot it onto the spot.
  10. As before, blot with a wash part of towel and do again programs until the spot is eliminated.
  11. When the spot is totally eliminated, enable the place to dry.
  12. Place a soft towel over the place and push down to soak up any extra wetness that may seem to have been soaked up by the floor carpet.
  13. Vacuum the place to recover the surface of the floor carpet.