Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning Services and Residential Cleaning Services is one of the most rapidly growing service sectors in today’s busy world. The two widely used services in this are commercial cleaning service and residential cleaning services. Cleaning service providers are trained professionals who work as per the client requirements.

Residential Cleaning ServicesThe service is available anytime and any day. Commercial cleaning service providers are flexible with the operating hours of the customers and willing to work for them during the non-productive hours when the day to day business is not affected. Commercial cleaning service is all about cleaning the work premises which may be corporate office, work floors, storage place etc where as residential cleaning is cleaning of house, villas, bungalows etc. In commercial cleaning service it is the duty of the service provider to keep the premises clean and efficient as it reflects the status of the company in the market.

The office has to be free of germs and bacteria so that the workers are healthy by all means for better productivity. Usually the commercial cleaning services bill their clients on a monthly or quarterly basis or half yearly basis. The client and the service provider will get into an official agreement as per the requirements of the clients to which the invoice will be agreed. This service will save a lot of time and money for the business owners as it will not affect their work schedule.

When it comes to residential cleaning service the methodology changes as this service include stain removal service, window cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning and waxing services. The residential service providers will work only during the day time and will not opt for working at nights as it will create disturbance to the neighbors and house owners. It is not a daily service and usually will be once in a week or twice a week service. There are rare cases where the owners ask for daily service and it will be in the daytime only.

The bills are submitted to house owners on the day of service and the payments should be made on that day itself. The service providers prefer the house owners to be present at home while the work is in progress as it will provide security for their belongings. Aged population who likes to live independently will go for this residential cleaning service as it is very helpful in getting their work done which they could not do alone.