How to clean the CD or DVD disc

To clean the CD or DVD disc:

CD or DVD disc

You need to rub the disk surface area in a back-and-forth movement from the central hole to the outside border . Do not rub in a circular movement .

1. Prevent touching the disk exterior by controlling the Disc with your thumb placed in the central hole then fingers squeezing the outside border .

2. Gooey , creamy , gummy , or even caked stains could be washed with baby hair shampoo combined in lukewarm water ; softly wipe the Disc exterior using this solution with delicate towel .

3. In case you find fingerprints on the disc exterior , drop a gentle cloth in isopropyl alcohol then carefully rub the exterior . Certainly not apply a petroleum based solvent as acetone , this could permanently damage the exterior .

4. Ensure the Disc is totally dry ( without water drops ) before placing it away . Pat the cd dry and allow it air dry for around 30 minutes .

5. Be sure you have the Disc in the case or a paper sleeve . CD’s subjected to the area can get dirty or scratched .

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