How to Clean Stoneware

To Clean Stoneware:


Basic Cleaning :

  • Hand washing the stoneware .
  • Make sure stoneware is at a reasonable temperature .
  • Bathe stoneware in nice and clean , hot water to release all stuck-on things .
  • Applying the nylon scraper that included the stoneware , scrape off all foods .
  • Wash then completely dried up stoneware before placing it away .

Full Cleaning :

  • To heavy clean the stoneware , get a liquid paste of 1/2 cup cooking soda with three tbsp of normal water .
  • Use the liquid paste to the sections of the stoneware you would like to strong clean . Allow stay for about 15-20 mins .
  • Scrape off liquid paste then clean extremely fine . Dried up stoneware carefully before placing it away .
  • Stoneware is available in numerous sizes and styles . Our cleaning tips about how to clean Pampered Chef stoneware are appropriate to all of stoneware.

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