How to clean wood mark off the concrete.

To clean wood mark off the concrete:


1. Start by having the appropriate safeguards to give protection to yourself against the destructive acids . Put on old dressing , rubber safety gloves and also protecting eye-wear .

2. Combine 1 part muriatic acid solution with 20 parts water in a container.

3. Wash the mark off with the combination .

4. In case the mark is not taken away , improve the combination to 1 part acid solution with 19 parts water. Keep on producing the solution more powerful until the marks are taken away .

5. After the mark is gone , clean the region completely with clean water .

6. You will see a powdery remains from the acid solution which could be cleaned away with water .

7. The cement should then be stripped . To avoid future staining , utilize a concrete sealer following the manufacturer’s guidance .

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