How to remove a red wine stain from your couch

To remove a red wine stain from your couch:

Red wine stain

1 . Dab the wine stain with a rag to absorb as much as possible . Use a clean area of the rag after every dab to keep from reapplying the wine .

2 . Fill up a container with two cups cold water . Add one tbsp . liquid dishwashing soap and mix .

3 . Moisten a clean rag with the soap solution . Dab it onto the wine stain . Blot the couch with a new clean rag to absorb the soapy water . Do it again sponging with the soapy water , and then blotting with a dry rag until the wine is no longer lifting from the couch .

4 . Rinse the couch with a rag and cold water , after that blot to dry .

5 . Mix 1/3 cup vinegar and 2/3 cup cold water to remove any left over wine from the couch . Dab the vinegar mixture onto the stain , after that absorb the wetness with a clean , dry rag . Keep doing this until all of the wine is removed .

6 . Rinse the couch with a damp rag and clean water . Blot with a dry rag .

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