How to clean a ceiling fan

It is hard to see when dust or dirt gathers on your ceiling fan as the view is much higher than eye level. A dirty and dusty ceiling fan can cause the motor to stop working, and make the fan shake and wobble. Also, the dirt and dust can fly all around the room when the fan is switched on, creating more mess around your home. As summer comes it is important to clean the fans before they are used regularly again.

ceiling fanTo clean your ceiling fan:

  1. Turn the fan off and wait until the blades have stopped rotating.
  2. Place a ladder under the fan where it will be comfortable to reach
  3. Using an all-purpose cleaner such as spray & wipe, spray it onto the some clean paper towel.
  4. Do not ever spray it directly onto the fan, as this may damage the motor.
  5. Place the paper towel at the start of one of the blades, near the centre of the fan. Drag the cloth backwards towards the end of the blade. Be careful and use your other hand to hold the blade as they may move while you do this.
  6. Repeat the above process for each blade. As plenty of dust may have accumulated it may be necessary to use a new piece of paper toweling for each blade.
  7. When finished with the blades, don’t forget to clean the center of the fan and the motor in the same process.

Kanklean Tip:

Place a drop-cloth underneath the fan if it has not been regularly cleaned as large pieces of dust and dirt may have gathered and may fall on the floor during the clean.

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