How to clean coffee stains from carpet

coffee stains

Coffee is a very popular drink for most people and also is very commonly spilt on carpets. Whether it be while rushing to work with your take-away mug, knocking it off the coffee table or simply walking through the office and spilling it. Regardless of how it ends up on the carpet, Dave has an easy solution for you.

To remove coffee from your carpet follow these directions:

Absorb all the liquid you can by blotting the carpet with a clean, white cloth. As in all stains, start from the outside of the stain working your way in.

If you can, continue blotting with clean water.

If the stain has not been completely removed try a carpet-spotter

Avoid rubbing and scrubbing as this will cause the stain to spread.

Kanklean’s Tip:

Be careful when using older style remedies, such as vinegar, because the ingredients of some of these manufacturers has changed substantially.

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