How to Clean Dried Paints of Vinyl Flooring

To Clean Dried Paints of Vinyl Flooring:

Clean Dried Paints

1. Start by cautiously scraping away the maximum of the paint as you can from the area with the spoon or razor . Just utilize the razor in case the spoon can not take it off since the razor causes a big chanceof slicing the floor .

2. Once most of the paint is eradicated , wet a delicate material with mineral spirits and wipe it over the discolored location .

3. Do it again if needed with a fresh material every time .

4. In case the paint continue to stays , put on a little bit of acetone nail polishing remover to a fresh material then carefully mop the location until the staying paint is eradicated .

5. After all the paint is eradicated , load a bucket with luke warm water with gentle cleaning soap .

6. Rinse the whole location to eradicate all staying solution which may be remained on the flooring .

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