How to clean venetian blinds

venetian blindsVenetian blinds are an expensive purchase so it is important to keep them well cleaned and maintained. They are a great feature to your windows, and block a lot of light out. Venetian blinds collect dust very easily and require very regular dusting. It is also important to thoroughly clean your blinds every four to five months to prevent the build up of grime and dust which will spoil the look of your venetian blinds.

To thoroughly clean your venetian blinds follow these steps:

1. Remove blinds from the window via user guide or following the method you used to install them.

2. Place them in your bathtub

3. Fill the bath three quarters of the way or until the water covers the blinds.

4. Add 3 and a half litres of white vinegar to the water and mix it around with your hands.

5. Let the blinds soak in the water and vinegar until the dirt has completely disintegrated. The vinegar works by corroding the filth on the blinds without damaging them. Stir the water every so often to loosen the surface dirt.

6. Empty the blinds and rinse the water from the bathtub. Then use cold water to rinse the blinds. If possible, use a shower attachment to rinse.

7. Allow blinds to dry. You can air dry them during the summer or pat them dry with a soft clean towel in the winter.

8. Once dry, place them back on as usual. Remember to dust them regularly.

Kanklean Tip:

For really dirty blinds it may be necessary to wash with a soft broom on a hard clean concrete surface with a mild degreaser.

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