How to clean your windows


Windows are supposed to be transparent. Nobody wants to see dirt and fingerprints instead of the view outside. Clean windows will make all the difference to a clean house. Especially when the sun is shining through in summer. So it is time to get motivated!

To clean your windows like a professional follow these easy steps:

1. Remove any windscreens if cleaning outside windows, or place a towel underneath if cleaning inside.

2. Take away any cobwebs you see with an old cloth or broom.

3. Remove any excess dirt using the garden hose if outside, or use a duster or old cloth if inside. Clean one window at a time to avoid water stains.

4. When cleaning windows the best combination of solution to use is Morning Fresh, or another good quality detergent, and a dash of toilet bowl cleaner. (See Tip below)

5. Soak a sponge in this solution and thoroughly clean the window frames.

6. Clean the window with a sponge dipped in the cleaning solution. Make sure the glass is thoroughly wiped. For best results, use a rubber squeegee/ (blade). Begin by cleaning the right upper corner. Then start on the upper-left side of the window working your way down in an s-shaped rhythm until you reaching the bottom corner on the right side.

7. With every stroke you make with your blade or cloth it is important to dry it off afterwards. This will prevent visible streaks appearing on your window after the clean.

8. Finally, dry the window frames using an old cloth or a chamois.

Kanklean’s Tip:

The toilet bowl cleaner is normally full of optical brighteners which make things look brighter to the eye. So your windows look cleaner and brighter.

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