How to clean pet faeces stains from upholstery

To clean pet faeces:


1. Scoop up any solid matter from the upholstery. Use an old spoon or paper towels to pick up and discard the hardened faeces.

2. Pour 2 cups cool water and 1 tbsp. bleach-free liquid dish soap into a bowl. Use your fingers to mix up the soap and water.

3. Dip a clean, white rag into the soapy water. Sponge the soapy water onto the stained upholstery.

4. Blot the upholstery with paper towels to absorb the excess liquid and lift the faeces stain. Alternate between sponging on the soapy water and blotting with paper towels until all of the faces stain is gone.

5. Use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for particularly stubborn feces stains. Fill an eye dropper with hydrogen peroxide. Drip the peroxide onto the feces stain so that the stain is covered.

6. Empty out the eye dropper and fill it up with some ammonia. Place two drops of ammonia onto the stain.

7. Blot the area with a rag and cool water until the stain is gone. Dry the upholstery by blotting with a dry cloth.

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