Information to seek out when hiring a commercial cleaning professional

There is a massive number of commercial cleaning companies who compete for tender opportunities in Australia alone. Since there is such a huge option to choose from it makes deciding on one a challenging task. Figuring out who would be the most effective service for your needs can be a difficult task. In this article, we have pin pointed the crucial things to think about before choosing a commercial cleaning service. The time to do this type of research is while you’re in the beginning stages of planning. Being this organized will prevent you from thinking about your cleaning needs until it’s time for contract renewal.

Industry Standards

If a commercial cleaning company is legitimate, they will abide by the legal frameworks and recommendations provided. The first framework is all about insurance.  It is essential that you check that the business is insured before hiring. This is for your own security so if something were to happen when they are on site, such as property damage or theft, they are held commercial cleaning companiesresponsible. The better services will have their insurance written down in a policy format, and they will have no issues allowing you to read over it. Another way you can check is by reading through their insurance policy online on their website. Next, you need to check the licence of the company. That is a licence that allows them to operate in the commercial sector. Lastly, check the business accreditation. Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and OH&S Systems all need to represent the cleaning company.

Services Available

Before hiring a cleaning service, you should dissect the service types they offer. This includes getting a quote and agreeing to this quote before signing any type of contract. In addition, you should make yourself aware of the company’s pricing. Their prices should be fair and match the commercial cleaning melbournework involved. Sometimes its important to consider the prices they are offering, although its important to be able to afford the job, sometimes lower prices means a lower standard of cleaning. Do what is right for your business and your budget.

Company Standard

It is important to look for a company’s reputation and reviews before committing. A review is worth plenty of sanction when deciding on a cleaning company. Looking at the views of other businesses can be really helpful. A bad review is proof of a bad business. This takes into account the work and overall input from the business, not just what their website promotes. A good idea is to call some of their referrals found on their website and ask about their work standards, professionalism, trustworthiness and overall reputation. Don’t forget to ask them how long they have been with the company, this can speak volumes.


Before choosing a cleaning service, it’s critical to find out a bit of information about their employees. The biggest areas to explore are training and prescreening. Does the company train their employees to satisfaction before placing them in the field? Are you going to be given cleaners who don’t know how to clean? Or the ins and outs of each surface? The best companies give their employees big training tests and quizzes before letting them wear their brand. In terms of security, do they run backgrounds and police checks? What about calling their references on their CV? You are putting trust in a cleaning staff in your working space, often after hours, so security is a huge thing to consider.