How to clean a fridge

It is important to thoroughly clean out your fridge every 6 months to ensure it stays odour free and remains hygienic. There is nothing worse than opening the fridge and being confronted with an awful smell, especially when you’re hungry!

fridgeFollow these step by step instructions to achieve a clean fridge:

1. Start by removing the entire fridge’s contents. It is much easier to clean the fridge without having to work around its contents.

2. Throw out any food that is out of date, mouldy or passed its prime.

3. Wipe out any food scraps or crumbs.

4. Remove the trays of the fridge that you are able to. This will make scrubbing them much easier and allow better access into the fridge.

5. Wipe both sides of the trays removed using a mild dish soap. Allow to dry by standing on the dish rack or on newspapers or paper towels.

6. Before replacing the trays, wipe the inside of the refrigerator using a clean cloth soaked in warm, soapy water.

7. Rinse this area with a clean cloth and warm water.

8. Clean the door of the fridge. Again, remove any trays you can and don’t forget to clean behind the areas you have removed.

9. Take out the vegetable and salad holders and clean these in the sink with detergent and warm water. Wipe dry with a tea towel before replacing back in the fridge.

10. Dry the fridge.

11. Replace all the trays and compartments back inside the fridge.

12. Place all the food back into the fridge. Make sure all bottles and items are clean before putting them back. A messy bottle or sticky jar may undo all your hard work.

13. Wash the outside of the fridge including the gasket (rubber around the door) with warm water and soap. Wipe dry with a tea towel.

14. To prevent odours from lingering and minimizing store an open packet of bicarbonate soda in your fridge.

Kanklean Tip:

Scuffs and stains in the fridge can be removed by using non-abrasive tooth-paste, also grease spills will succumb to a little lemon juice and water.

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