How to Clean Construction Glue off Walls

To Clean Construction Glue off Walls:

Glue Wall

1. Area check the construction glue in an unnoticed location to test for both coloring fastness and real problems on the wall surface . In case it fails to pass the test , you should not proceed with the following actions .


2. Stick to the instructions on the glue remover before utilize , especially for air flow requirements and application procedure . Usually , it is securely put on with a paint brush .


3. Utilizing the brush , put on the glue remover straight onto the construction glue .


4. Allow it remain for the period of time suggested on the adhesive product packaging .


5. Utilize the straight side or razor to CAREFULLY scrape the adhesive off . Never gouge the wall surfaces .


6. When the adhesive is heavy , you might want to reapply . If you do , do again steps 3-5 if needed .


7. In case just traces of the adhesive stay , scrub extremely softly with a dry scrubbing pad . Including water will certainly destroy the wallpaper .


8. When the adhesive is eradicated , gently dampen the delicate material with hot , soapy fluid . ( Never make the cloth wet or you will damage the wallpaper or drywall . )


9. Pat or blot away all leftover adhesive remover with the moist material .


10. Let to air dry up .

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