How to Clean your Work Gloves.

To Clean your Work Gloves:


  • Start by brushing off the most soil as you can from the work gloves , giving great focus on the fingertips that may gather the a lot of dirt .
  • Load the bucket with cool fluid and combine salt with gentle cleaning soap .
  • Carefully clean the work gloves in the fluid , rubbing the dirt away with your own hands .
  • Clean the work gloves in another bucket full of the wash fluid .
  • Eradicate as much fluid as you can by softly squeezing the work gloves in a downward movement .
  • To maintain the fingers from dropping their form , put a classic clothespin in every finger .
  • Hang the work gloves in an clear location utilizing clothespins and let them air-dry .
  • Take away the clothespins once the work gloves are partly dry .
  • Massage the work gloves to make softer the suede and prevent it from being firm .
  • Keep knead and massage the work gloves each few hrs until they really are totally dry .

How to Clean Construction Glue off Walls

To Clean Construction Glue off Walls:

Glue Wall

1. Area check the construction glue in an unnoticed location to test for both coloring fastness and real problems on the wall surface . In case it fails to pass the test , you should not proceed with the following actions .


2. Stick to the instructions on the glue remover before utilize , especially for air flow requirements and application procedure . Usually , it is securely put on with a paint brush .


3. Utilizing the brush , put on the glue remover straight onto the construction glue .


4. Allow it remain for the period of time suggested on the adhesive product packaging .


5. Utilize the straight side or razor to CAREFULLY scrape the adhesive off . Never gouge the wall surfaces .


6. When the adhesive is heavy , you might want to reapply . If you do , do again steps 3-5 if needed .


7. In case just traces of the adhesive stay , scrub extremely softly with a dry scrubbing pad . Including water will certainly destroy the wallpaper .


8. When the adhesive is eradicated , gently dampen the delicate material with hot , soapy fluid . ( Never make the cloth wet or you will damage the wallpaper or drywall . )


9. Pat or blot away all leftover adhesive remover with the moist material .


10. Let to air dry up .

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How to Clean Dyes off Finished Wood

To Clean Dyes off Finished Wood:

Dyes on Finished Wood

1. Start by examining the discolor to decide just how deep it gets . When it is mainly only on the top , it can be much simpler to clear away compared to a discolor which has assimilated into the timber .
2. When the discolor has got dried out and is basically on the top , firstly test cleaning it away with a Magic Eraser .
3. When it does not eradicate the discolor , or in case of it moves beyond the surface area , it may need a little more effort and hark work to get it removed .
4. Start by combining cooking soda with white vinegar or perhaps lemon juice to create a liquid paste . It ought to be a minimum of as thick like toothpaste .
5. Spread the liquid paste over the discolored location and carefully apply it with a sponge or perhaps your own fingers .
6. Spray the location with normal water , or white vinegar for an additional cleansing improve .
7. Clean the location clean with a delicate material .
8. This could need numerous functions to eradicate the discolor entirely .
9. Once the discolor is totally removed , clean over the location with a clean material moistened with normal water to wash away any kind of remains from the cleansing solutions used .
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How to Clean Egg Discolors off Aluminum Siding

To Clean Egg Discolors off Aluminum Siding: 

Aluminum Siding

1. Blend 1 :1 portions of water and vinegar in a bucket . Include a little bit of dish cleaning agent . Blend the mixup until suds start to develop .
2. Drench a cloth with the blend .
3. Put the cloth on the egg discolored location .
4. Keep the cloth in position with a stick or ladder.
5. Let the cloth to place on the discolor for quite a while . Drench the cloth again if required .
6. Take away the cloth and clean the location with a tough scrub brush .
7. After the discolor is eradicated , clean the location entirely with a water hose .
8. The same procedure can be utilized with hydrogen peroxide . When hydrogen peroxide are going to breaking the proteins in the discolor , this also works like a whitening solution but will probably impact the coloring of the paint .



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How to Clean Grease Stains off Painted Walls and Ceilings

To Clean Grease Stains off Painted Walls and Ceilings:

Clean Grease Stains

1. Start with mopping the location with a duster material or kitchen paper to eradicate the most of the grease as you can .

2. Then , utilize mix with vinegar and water ( 1 : 1 ) to the location . This is usually more powerful when the water is very hot since it assists to break the oil for better eradication .

3. Utilize a sponge or delicate material to delicately rub the location . When the sureface is textured , stay away from utilizing any tough scrubbers or excessive force as it will be able to eradicate the surfaceplaster . Delicate scrub brush can be useful on these kinds of surfaces to get into between the grooves without harming the texture .

4. After the discolor is eradicated , clean the location with a duster material moistened with water .

5. Dry with delicate material then let to air dry entirely .

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How to Clean Dried Paints of Vinyl Flooring

To Clean Dried Paints of Vinyl Flooring:

Clean Dried Paints

1. Start by cautiously scraping away the maximum of the paint as you can from the area with the spoon or razor . Just utilize the razor in case the spoon can not take it off since the razor causes a big chanceof slicing the floor .

2. Once most of the paint is eradicated , wet a delicate material with mineral spirits and wipe it over the discolored location .

3. Do it again if needed with a fresh material every time .

4. In case the paint continue to stays , put on a little bit of acetone nail polishing remover to a fresh material then carefully mop the location until the staying paint is eradicated .

5. After all the paint is eradicated , load a bucket with luke warm water with gentle cleaning soap .

6. Rinse the whole location to eradicate all staying solution which may be remained on the flooring .

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How to Clean Kerosene Off the Washer

To Clean Kerosene Off the Washer:


1. Put the reasonable volume of dish detergents into the washer .

2. Load the washer with very hot water .

3. Ideally , put a bit of used towels to the mixture . When the washing machine works , the towels can remove the sides of the washer .

4. Let the washing machine to go through a standard cycle .

5. When the odor is strong , or maybe hard to eradicate , it will be useful to stop the washer after it has got loaded and agitated as much as necessary to spread the detergent . Let the wash detergents to stay on the sides of the washer for an hour or so then restart to complete the cycle .

6. Eradicate all towels or clothes which were put inside of the washer and put these away.

7. Smell around the washer to check if the smell continues .

8. When it happens , do again the methods above once again to make sure all the kerosene was eradicated .

9. When the clothing keeps a smell , spread with cooking soda or include 1 cup of vinegar to the water through the washing action .

10. Let clothing to air dry until all of the signs of the kerosene are eradicated .

11. Go over the cleaning methods until the smell is eradicated .

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How to Clean Melted Crayon Off Plastic Material

To Clean Melted Crayon Off Plastic Material:

Clean Melted Crayon Off Plastic Material

1. As the crayon will not go through the plastic material , it ought to be conveniently scraped off as soon as it has solidified . To have it as hard as it can , put an ice cube over the location for a couple secs , until it is cool and brittle .

2. Immediately utilize the spoon or scraper to carefully scrape it off of the plastic material . In case the plastic material is textured , you might like to utilize a stiff-bristled scrubbrush ( for example a toothscrubbrush ) as an alternative .

3. In case a slim covering of crayon still can be found from the outside , utilize the Magic Eraser to softly clean it away .

4. Occasionally with crayons , a small oil discolor will remain . If this sounds like the situation , blend a little bit of dish cleaning agent with water and then utilize a sponge to scrub the oil away .

5. Free of moisture the location completely .

6. Do again any of the above methods when needed until the crayon and any kind of stains are eradicated .

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How to Clean Olive Oil off Concrete Floor

To Clean Olive Oil off Concrete Floor:

Clean Olive Oil off Concrete Floor

1. To start with , wear the safety hand protection .

2. Following protective guidelines on the container , apply the brake cleaner straight onto the cement therefore it covers the oil spot .

3. Stick to the solution with oil dry . Apply sufficient on the top to cover up the discolor totally .

4. Let the oil dry solution and brake cleaner to stay on the discolor for some time , then the litter will soak up the discolor . This may require between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours based upon the rigorousness of the discolor .

5. Clean the clutter into a dust pan . The discolor ought to be removed .

6. Do again if needed .

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How to clean shout spray stains off outside of washer

To clean shout spray stains off outside of washer:


1. Moisten a delicate material with water , and anther one with acetone . The materials needs to be damp , although not wet .

2. Rub the acetone over the stain you’re attempting to eradicate . Ideally , stay away from having the acetone on locations not impacted by the discolor .

3. Wipe carefully using the same material for a couple secs . Don’t rub or scrub for too much time , otherwise you might eradicate the coloring .

4. Instantly clean the location clean with the other material dampened with water .

5. Check the location before doing the procedure again . In case you discover any problems on the painted surface area of the washer , you really should stop to eradicate the mark .

6. If needed , keep rapidly utilizing the acetone and then taking away it with water until the discolor is removed .

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How to clean tobacco stains off walls and ceilings

To clean tobacco stains off walls and ceilings:

clean tobacco stains

1. Selecting the most appropriate detergent may mainly count on the amount of area you will attempting to clean . For bigger locations , select a detergent which can be sprayed onto the surfaces and also wiped off . For smaller locations , solutions like the Magic Eraser works immediately and also easily .

2. After you have picked the detergent and got the equipment , you will prepared to attend to the cleansing mission .

3. Moisten a delicate material or cloth with the cleansing mixture , or spray it straight onto the wall surface . Operate in small areas no larger than 1 meter . It is usually wise to work from the upper to the base to prevent dripping on theareas of wall which may have already been cleansed .

4. Utilize a circular movement to rub the section with a sponge or delicate material to eradicate the discolor .

5. Wash with a clean material moistened with clean water .

6. Dry with a delicate material .

7. Shift to the other area and do the same . Keep on until all the wall sections are cleansed .

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How to clean wood mark off the concrete.

To clean wood mark off the concrete:


1. Start by having the appropriate safeguards to give protection to yourself against the destructive acids . Put on old dressing , rubber safety gloves and also protecting eye-wear .

2. Combine 1 part muriatic acid solution with 20 parts water in a container.

3. Wash the mark off with the combination .

4. In case the mark is not taken away , improve the combination to 1 part acid solution with 19 parts water. Keep on producing the solution more powerful until the marks are taken away .

5. After the mark is gone , clean the region completely with clean water .

6. You will see a powdery remains from the acid solution which could be cleaned away with water .

7. The cement should then be stripped . To avoid future staining , utilize a concrete sealer following the manufacturer’s guidance .

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How to clean the CD or DVD disc

To clean the CD or DVD disc:

CD or DVD disc

You need to rub the disk surface area in a back-and-forth movement from the central hole to the outside border . Do not rub in a circular movement .

1. Prevent touching the disk exterior by controlling the Disc with your thumb placed in the central hole then fingers squeezing the outside border .

2. Gooey , creamy , gummy , or even caked stains could be washed with baby hair shampoo combined in lukewarm water ; softly wipe the Disc exterior using this solution with delicate towel .

3. In case you find fingerprints on the disc exterior , drop a gentle cloth in isopropyl alcohol then carefully rub the exterior . Certainly not apply a petroleum based solvent as acetone , this could permanently damage the exterior .

4. Ensure the Disc is totally dry ( without water drops ) before placing it away . Pat the cd dry and allow it air dry for around 30 minutes .

5. Be sure you have the Disc in the case or a paper sleeve . CD’s subjected to the area can get dirty or scratched .

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How to clean shower-door

To clean shower-door:


Based on just how terrible it is a combination of white vinegar with water ( 1 :1 ) is an excellent solution to get rid of water stains .

In case it is awful you probably should have an acidic based solution to remove . Vinegar is lightly acidic therefore it can remove just a lot . Visit the local janitorial provide shop and then get acidic based shower room cleaner and also let them know what you will clean up . You will have excellent results .

Remember to put on hand protection and follow safety guidelines on the bottle to use and dealing with .

You should begin from the bottom of the doors to avoid streaks from developing from the acid clean .

In case you are living in a place where you have hard water in that case hang and apply one small plastic material squeegee in the shower then give the shower-door and speedy wipe down in the end of every shower .

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How to Clean Stoneware

To Clean Stoneware:


Basic Cleaning :

  • Hand washing the stoneware .
  • Make sure stoneware is at a reasonable temperature .
  • Bathe stoneware in nice and clean , hot water to release all stuck-on things .
  • Applying the nylon scraper that included the stoneware , scrape off all foods .
  • Wash then completely dried up stoneware before placing it away .

Full Cleaning :

  • To heavy clean the stoneware , get a liquid paste of 1/2 cup cooking soda with three tbsp of normal water .
  • Use the liquid paste to the sections of the stoneware you would like to strong clean . Allow stay for about 15-20 mins .
  • Scrape off liquid paste then clean extremely fine . Dried up stoneware carefully before placing it away .
  • Stoneware is available in numerous sizes and styles . Our cleaning tips about how to clean Pampered Chef stoneware are appropriate to all of stoneware.

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How to remove a red wine stain from your couch

To remove a red wine stain from your couch:

Red wine stain

1 . Dab the wine stain with a rag to absorb as much as possible . Use a clean area of the rag after every dab to keep from reapplying the wine .

2 . Fill up a container with two cups cold water . Add one tbsp . liquid dishwashing soap and mix .

3 . Moisten a clean rag with the soap solution . Dab it onto the wine stain . Blot the couch with a new clean rag to absorb the soapy water . Do it again sponging with the soapy water , and then blotting with a dry rag until the wine is no longer lifting from the couch .

4 . Rinse the couch with a rag and cold water , after that blot to dry .

5 . Mix 1/3 cup vinegar and 2/3 cup cold water to remove any left over wine from the couch . Dab the vinegar mixture onto the stain , after that absorb the wetness with a clean , dry rag . Keep doing this until all of the wine is removed .

6 . Rinse the couch with a damp rag and clean water . Blot with a dry rag .

Spill & Stain removal

How to clean linen curtains

To clean linen curtains:

linen curtains

1. Remove curtains from the window and spot treat any stains with a bar of white soap such as Ivory. Rub the soap on the stain as a pre-treatment.

2. Place the linen curtains in the washing machine and turn the controls to delicate or hand wash. Pour oxygen-based bleach into the machine if washing white curtains, following the package directions. Regular bleach will yellow the fabric. Add a mild detergent to the washer, following the package directions and run the washer with warm water for the complete cycle.

3. Promptly remove the curtains after the wash cycle has finished. Hang the curtains to dry, smoothing wrinkles from the fabric. Hang white curtains in a sunny location to preserve their bright colour. Remove the curtains from the clothesline and re-hang when they are slightly damp.

4. Iron if needed, following the label directions for the proper heat temperature.

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How to remove water stains from a suede couch

To remove water stains from a suede couch:

water stains

1. Dampen a soft cloth with denatured alcohol.

2. Test the denatured alcohol in an inconspicuous spot before continuing. If damage occurs, discontinue use.

3. Rub the water stain gently with the dampened cloth.

4. Allow to air dry. Do not apply heat.

Home Cleaning

How to remove blood stains from a fabric couch

To remove blood stains from a fabric couch:

Remove blood stains

1. Wet a cloth and blot it on the stain to moisten it.

2. Apply a cleaner that contains enzymes to the stain.

3. Rub a toothbrush in a circular motion over the stain, so the cleaner can penetrate the couch’s fabric.

4. Wipe away any blood that is lifted out with a clean towel.

5. Wash off the stain remover by rubbing a damp cloth on the area. Let the moisture air dry.

6. Repeat this process if necessary.

upholstery cleaning

How to remove orange juice stains from your couch

To remove orange juice stains from your couch

Orange juice

1. Soak up as much of the orange juice spill as you can immediately after it happens with an absorbent rag or paper towel. Wipe away any pulp.

2. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent with 2 cups of water. You can use dish soap or laundry detergent intended for delicate clothing. Avoid any detergent containing natural soap as it could make your stain permanent. Gently stir the solution to avoid causing a lot of frothy bubbles.

3. Dab the solution on the stain using a clean white cloth. After the stain is fully soaked, use a dry rag to absorb the solution until the stained area is nearly dry again. Your stain will fade with each application of the detergent solution.

4. Repeat Step 3 until the stain is no longer visible. Allow your cushion to air dry.

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How to clean pet faeces stains from upholstery

To clean pet faeces:


1. Scoop up any solid matter from the upholstery. Use an old spoon or paper towels to pick up and discard the hardened faeces.

2. Pour 2 cups cool water and 1 tbsp. bleach-free liquid dish soap into a bowl. Use your fingers to mix up the soap and water.

3. Dip a clean, white rag into the soapy water. Sponge the soapy water onto the stained upholstery.

4. Blot the upholstery with paper towels to absorb the excess liquid and lift the faeces stain. Alternate between sponging on the soapy water and blotting with paper towels until all of the faces stain is gone.

5. Use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for particularly stubborn feces stains. Fill an eye dropper with hydrogen peroxide. Drip the peroxide onto the feces stain so that the stain is covered.

6. Empty out the eye dropper and fill it up with some ammonia. Place two drops of ammonia onto the stain.

7. Blot the area with a rag and cool water until the stain is gone. Dry the upholstery by blotting with a dry cloth.

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How to remove nail polish from a couch

To remove nail polish from a couch like a professional follow these easy steps:

nail polish

1. Scrape off dried nail polish with the edge of a butter knife or blunt object.

2. Blot wet nail polish with a clean towel. Resist the temptation to rub the stain, as this will spread the nail polish.

3. Test a small amount of acetone nail polish remover on an inconspicuous area of your couch for colourfastness. It’s important to note that acetone is unsafe for upholstery containing acetate, as well as upholstery that cannot be cleaned by solvents.

4. Apply a few drops of nail polish remover onto the stain.

5. Blot the stain with a clean cloth. The nail polish should transfer itself to the cloth. Continue to apply the acetone nail polish remover and blot until you have removed the stain.

6. Follow up the acetone treatment by sponging the area with a dry cleaning solvent. Blot with a clean towel to remove excess solvent. Alternatively, try blotting with a solution of one tsp. neutral, mild detergent mixed with one cup of lukewarm water. Sponge the area with water and blot to remove excess moisture.

7. Allow the area to dry completely.

Kanklean’s Tip:

Just few drops of nail polish remover, not too many.

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How to clean your windows


Windows are supposed to be transparent. Nobody wants to see dirt and fingerprints instead of the view outside. Clean windows will make all the difference to a clean house. Especially when the sun is shining through in summer. So it is time to get motivated!

To clean your windows like a professional follow these easy steps:

1. Remove any windscreens if cleaning outside windows, or place a towel underneath if cleaning inside.

2. Take away any cobwebs you see with an old cloth or broom.

3. Remove any excess dirt using the garden hose if outside, or use a duster or old cloth if inside. Clean one window at a time to avoid water stains.

4. When cleaning windows the best combination of solution to use is Morning Fresh, or another good quality detergent, and a dash of toilet bowl cleaner. (See Tip below)

5. Soak a sponge in this solution and thoroughly clean the window frames.

6. Clean the window with a sponge dipped in the cleaning solution. Make sure the glass is thoroughly wiped. For best results, use a rubber squeegee/ (blade). Begin by cleaning the right upper corner. Then start on the upper-left side of the window working your way down in an s-shaped rhythm until you reaching the bottom corner on the right side.

7. With every stroke you make with your blade or cloth it is important to dry it off afterwards. This will prevent visible streaks appearing on your window after the clean.

8. Finally, dry the window frames using an old cloth or a chamois.

Kanklean’s Tip:

The toilet bowl cleaner is normally full of optical brighteners which make things look brighter to the eye. So your windows look cleaner and brighter.

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How to clean your carpets, why dry cleaning is better


Your carpets and furnishings are the third largest investment after your car and house so it makes sense to maintain and prolong this investment. Sometimes we don’t realize how much traffic, feet, pets, and parties roll over our carpet and furnishings each year. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help maintain your carpet, but nothing beats a professional clean.

Many people wonder why dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning.

The top four reasons why dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning are as follows:

1. Dry cleaning leaves your carpet smelling fresh and homely. Steam cleaning tends to leave a wet dog smell behind.

2. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch, one of the main problems involved in steam cleaning.

3. After dry cleaning your carpets will not be soggy

4. When steam cleaning, if the carpet is not dried properly (which is often the case), it will lead to bacterial or fungal growth on the carpet.

The best way to clean your carpet is through a professional dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning involves four steps:

1. Pre-vacuum and pre-treat stains.

2. Apply a cleaning solvent to the remainder of the carpet.

3. Dry clean the carpet, regularly changing the cleaning pads.

4. Rake the carpet and repeat process if necessary.

The best part about dry cleaning is there is no drying time whatsoever. Your carpets are ready to walk on. This makes dry cleaning ideal for families.

Kanklean’s tip:

Don’t steam clean because it often removes the lanolin which is the natural protection in the carpet and wool.

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How to clean a microwave

Microwaves can be rather messy. Especially when the food you were heating happens to explode and send food everywhere. Fortunately, there is a really easy method to cleaning your microwave.

To clean a microwave:


1. Remove excess crumbs from the microwaves interior using a dry cloth.

2. Fill a microwave-safe container with 1-2 cups of water.

3. Place the container in the microwave and heat it for about 2-3 minutes to boil – The steamy residue will loosen the food particles in the microwave.

4. Since the bowl will be hot, use extreme caution and carefully remove the tray from the microwave. There may be some excess hot water sitting on the tray.

5. With a clean, damp cloth, wipe down the interior of the microwave and the tray separately.

Kanklean’s Tip:

Never use cleaning chemicals when cleaning the microwave.

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How to clean chewing gum from carpet

clean chewing gum from carpet

Getting chewing gum stuck on your carpet doesn’t have to be the sticky situation you predict! It is easy to remove from carpet if you follow Dave’s simple steps and tips:

To remove chewing gum from your carpet:

Scrape away as much as possible from the surface using a blunt object, such as a spoon, to avoid damage to the carpet fibre.

Vacuum the loose particles away.

Rub the stain with ice to harden the gum. This will make it easier to remove.

Chip away the frozen gum using the same blunt object as before

Blot the final traces of gum using hot water.

Rinse clean

Kanklean’s Tip:

Try to avoid using soapy detergents as they can often set the colour stain. Hot watr is often the best cleaning agent.

Upholstery Cleaning

How to clean coffee stains from carpet

coffee stains

Coffee is a very popular drink for most people and also is very commonly spilt on carpets. Whether it be while rushing to work with your take-away mug, knocking it off the coffee table or simply walking through the office and spilling it. Regardless of how it ends up on the carpet, Dave has an easy solution for you.

To remove coffee from your carpet follow these directions:

Absorb all the liquid you can by blotting the carpet with a clean, white cloth. As in all stains, start from the outside of the stain working your way in.

If you can, continue blotting with clean water.

If the stain has not been completely removed try a carpet-spotter

Avoid rubbing and scrubbing as this will cause the stain to spread.

Kanklean’s Tip:

Be careful when using older style remedies, such as vinegar, because the ingredients of some of these manufacturers has changed substantially.

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How to clean a granite bench


Granite bench tops in recent times have become more and more popular and are often the material of choice for those re-modelling their homes. It is a great finish to kitchens, however, it does require a lot of maintenance. Regular cleaning will keep it looking brand new. A plus to choosing granite as the material for your bench top is that its a hard stone and is therefore virtually unscratchable.

To clean a granite bench top follow these steps:

Firstly, always clean up spills immediately before the spill penetrates the surface.

Give the bench top a general clean using some warm soapy water and a sponge to pick up any residue.

Rinse the sponge in water only and reclean the area to prevent a soapy finish.

Dry the area with a clean towel.

To remove stains from the granite bench top:

First identify what kind of stain it is.

To remove coffee or tea stains use hydrogen peroxide and 2 or 3 drops of household ammonia.

To remove an oily stain such as milk, oil or grease make a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide over the stain, cover with plastic wrap and then let sit for 8 hours. It will draw the stain to the surface. When you remove the plastic wrap, then scrape away the mixture with a flexible, plastic utensil to avoid scratching. Repeat if necessary

For an ink stain on granite, clean carefully using nail polish remover (acetone)

Kanklean’s Tip:

Never use anything abrasive that will scratch such as scouring pads, scouring powder or steel wool. Never use vinegar, orange or lemon based cleaners. Acid based cleaners may damage the bench.

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How to clean and shine your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors require plenty of attention to keep their appearance looking clean, well-maintained and shiny. It is important to choose the right cleaning product as many can damage the floors by stripping back the linoleum. One of the most popular methods to cleaning hardwood floors is by using a simple mixture of white vinegar and water.

To clean your hardwood floor:

hardwood floorRemove rugs and upholstery from the room.

Sweep the floor to remove as much dust and dirt from the surface before mopping.

Fill a bucket of warm water and mix half a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant and the vinegar smell will evaporate when it dries.

Soak your mop in the vinegar and water solution. If possible, use a mop which rings out most of the water. The mop should be damp, not soaking wet. Excess water should not be left to dry on hardwood floors.

Begin mopping in the corner of the room and work your way back through to the entrance to avoid walking on the area you have just cleaned.

Change the vinegar and water solution as needed when the water gets dirty.

Damp floors can be left to air dry.

Kanklean’s Tip:

A good way to clean a dirty mop is to wash it in the washing machine.

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How to clean cobwebs

Cobwebs are a nuisance to clean, and are very common both on the inside and outside of your house. Since they stick to about anything they touch, you may find them sticking to other walls or trees if you don’t pull them down correctly.

However, all the trouble of cobwebs can be eliminated if you have the right cobweb duster.

If you don’t have a duster specifically for cobwebs, a microfiber duster will do or even stretching an old stocking over the head of a broom can take the cobwebs away.

cobwebsTo remove cobwebs from smooth surfaces:

1. Use a microfiber duster.

2. You may find it easier to use when the duster is wet, if the manufacturer says it can be wet.

3. Remove all hanging ends to stop them returning quickly.

To remove cobwebs from textured surfaces:

1. Use your vacuum hose as a cobweb remover as sometimes the cobweb remover can smear the walls.

2. Remove all hanging ends to stop them returning quickly.

To remove cobwebs from exterior surfaces:

1. Spray cobwebs from the garden hose on variable pressure on exterior surfaces such as windows, shrubbery, stucco and vinyl siding

2. In the outside areas such as garages, sheds, carports, pergolas and outside decking, suck the corner cobwebs by using a vacuum since they are generally deeper and harder to clean out.

3. Remove all hanging ends to stop them returning quickly.

Remember, cobwebs are made from spiders, to avoid spider bites try avoid direct contact with the webs.

Kanklean Tip:

Wipe cobweb broom or duster on the carpet to remove excess cobwebs from the cobweb broom. Vacuum the excess off the carpet.

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How to clean a gas BBQ

Gas BBQWhilst cleaning your BBQ, check the flexible hose for cracks and damage and replace if necessary. Consult your owner’s manual for any specialized maintenance requirements. Ensure the gas is disconnected and check the metal tubes under each burner. Spiders and other insects like to nest in these tubes. Use a paper clip or toothpick to clear these holes if necessary. Remember that many gas grills are made of aluminium products, so you’ll want to avoid abrasive cleaners, including oven cleaner, metal brushes or scouring pads.

1. Soak the grill and any removable parts in dish washing liquid and hot water. Scrub away any build-up of grease with a rag, sponge or plastic scourer.

2. Remove the flame bars and run them through the dishwasher. Or scrub them with a brass wire brush.

3. Replace the lava rocks every year with new ones or boil them in soapy water to remove built-up grime.

4. Tape over any gas openings and then clean the inside of the barbecue with hot, soapy water and a rag, sponge or plastic scrubber.

5. Clean the outside of the barbecue with hot, soapy water and a rag or sponge.

6. Hose out the barbecue. Allow it to dry thoroughly before you replace all of the parts.

7. After everything is dry, rub the grill with vegetable oil and any wooden parts with linseed oil.

8. If you have a quick disconnect, make sure it is securely fastened before you use the grill.

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How to clean venetian blinds

venetian blindsVenetian blinds are an expensive purchase so it is important to keep them well cleaned and maintained. They are a great feature to your windows, and block a lot of light out. Venetian blinds collect dust very easily and require very regular dusting. It is also important to thoroughly clean your blinds every four to five months to prevent the build up of grime and dust which will spoil the look of your venetian blinds.

To thoroughly clean your venetian blinds follow these steps:

1. Remove blinds from the window via user guide or following the method you used to install them.

2. Place them in your bathtub

3. Fill the bath three quarters of the way or until the water covers the blinds.

4. Add 3 and a half litres of white vinegar to the water and mix it around with your hands.

5. Let the blinds soak in the water and vinegar until the dirt has completely disintegrated. The vinegar works by corroding the filth on the blinds without damaging them. Stir the water every so often to loosen the surface dirt.

6. Empty the blinds and rinse the water from the bathtub. Then use cold water to rinse the blinds. If possible, use a shower attachment to rinse.

7. Allow blinds to dry. You can air dry them during the summer or pat them dry with a soft clean towel in the winter.

8. Once dry, place them back on as usual. Remember to dust them regularly.

Kanklean Tip:

For really dirty blinds it may be necessary to wash with a soft broom on a hard clean concrete surface with a mild degreaser.

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How to clean a stainless steel surface

stainless steelStainless steel must be maintained more often than most people understand to keep it in good condition. Although called “stainless” it can in fact stain, corrode and discolour without proper attention. Grime accumulates easily on the surface of stainless steel resulting in maximum corrosion. It is also easily scratched and marked without the right cleaning method.

Although the cost of stainless steel is often high, with the correct management the achievement of long life and good performance is easy. The frequency and cost of cleaning stainless steel is lower than for many other materials and this will out-weigh the cost of purchase.

Cleaning stainless steel if often a simple process but it can depend on what type of mark or stain needs removal.

Here are a few specific ways to clean stainless steel:

1. Routine clean: Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually quite sufficient. For an even better appearance, finish by wiping dry the cleaned surface to give it a shiny touch.

2. Discolouring and Stubborn Stains: Use a cleansing cream, such as Jiff, as the detergent. Use a fibre brush or rag. Rinse well with clean, warm water and dry completely afterwards.

3. Fingerprints: Use warm water with soap or some type of organic solvent. Rinse with water and dry well to give a polished finish.

4. Grease/Oil Marks: Use an organic solvent (such as methylated spirits). Use a rag or sponge to clean with elbow grease. Rinse well with clean water and wipe thoroughly. Dry. Repeat if necessary.

5. Rust and Corrosion: Use plenty of water and a touch of nitric acid. Leave to soak on rust for 30minutes to 1 hour and then wash off with more water. Use the general cleaning method afterwards with soap, water and detergent. Dry off to finish.

Note: Use gloves while using acid and be extremely careful. Add the acid to the water to combine, and be sure to flush all excess down a treated waste system. Do not spill acid over other areas and be really thorough with rinsing.

6. Deposits from Hard Water: Use a mixture of water and vinegar. Soak solution and then use a brush to clean. Rinse well with clean water.

7. Scratches on a Polished Finishing: Slight scratches – use a nylon pads. Polish with pads or cloths with iron-free abrasives for deeper scratches. After this, clean as a routine clean with soap, detergent and warm water.

Kanklean Tip:

Do not use ordinary steel wool because iron specks can become fixed in stainless steel and cause further surface issues. Scotch-Brite scouring pads, and stainless steel specific pads, are satisfactory.

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How to clean a fridge

It is important to thoroughly clean out your fridge every 6 months to ensure it stays odour free and remains hygienic. There is nothing worse than opening the fridge and being confronted with an awful smell, especially when you’re hungry!

fridgeFollow these step by step instructions to achieve a clean fridge:

1. Start by removing the entire fridge’s contents. It is much easier to clean the fridge without having to work around its contents.

2. Throw out any food that is out of date, mouldy or passed its prime.

3. Wipe out any food scraps or crumbs.

4. Remove the trays of the fridge that you are able to. This will make scrubbing them much easier and allow better access into the fridge.

5. Wipe both sides of the trays removed using a mild dish soap. Allow to dry by standing on the dish rack or on newspapers or paper towels.

6. Before replacing the trays, wipe the inside of the refrigerator using a clean cloth soaked in warm, soapy water.

7. Rinse this area with a clean cloth and warm water.

8. Clean the door of the fridge. Again, remove any trays you can and don’t forget to clean behind the areas you have removed.

9. Take out the vegetable and salad holders and clean these in the sink with detergent and warm water. Wipe dry with a tea towel before replacing back in the fridge.

10. Dry the fridge.

11. Replace all the trays and compartments back inside the fridge.

12. Place all the food back into the fridge. Make sure all bottles and items are clean before putting them back. A messy bottle or sticky jar may undo all your hard work.

13. Wash the outside of the fridge including the gasket (rubber around the door) with warm water and soap. Wipe dry with a tea towel.

14. To prevent odours from lingering and minimizing store an open packet of bicarbonate soda in your fridge.

Kanklean Tip:

Scuffs and stains in the fridge can be removed by using non-abrasive tooth-paste, also grease spills will succumb to a little lemon juice and water.

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How to clean a ceiling fan

It is hard to see when dust or dirt gathers on your ceiling fan as the view is much higher than eye level. A dirty and dusty ceiling fan can cause the motor to stop working, and make the fan shake and wobble. Also, the dirt and dust can fly all around the room when the fan is switched on, creating more mess around your home. As summer comes it is important to clean the fans before they are used regularly again.

ceiling fanTo clean your ceiling fan:

  1. Turn the fan off and wait until the blades have stopped rotating.
  2. Place a ladder under the fan where it will be comfortable to reach
  3. Using an all-purpose cleaner such as spray & wipe, spray it onto the some clean paper towel.
  4. Do not ever spray it directly onto the fan, as this may damage the motor.
  5. Place the paper towel at the start of one of the blades, near the centre of the fan. Drag the cloth backwards towards the end of the blade. Be careful and use your other hand to hold the blade as they may move while you do this.
  6. Repeat the above process for each blade. As plenty of dust may have accumulated it may be necessary to use a new piece of paper toweling for each blade.
  7. When finished with the blades, don’t forget to clean the center of the fan and the motor in the same process.

Kanklean Tip:

Place a drop-cloth underneath the fan if it has not been regularly cleaned as large pieces of dust and dirt may have gathered and may fall on the floor during the clean.

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How to remove filmy residue from ceramic tiles

ceramic tilesCeramic tiling is a very popular choice to use as flooring in both bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles are very attractive when they are clean, however they often can accumulate a layer of film, soap scum or tough grit if they are not regularly cleaned. This murky layer will dull the appearance of the ceramic making it look aged and unappealing and the attractiveness of the ceramic tiles can be easily lost. To restore your ceramic tiles and bring your kitchen or bathroom back to that brand-new feeling, follow these easy steps:

1. Use only gentle cleaners during this process and soft clothes or sponges as ceramic tiles are easily scratched or become dull from abrasive cleaning products. Even when trying to get rid of the grit from in between the tiles, be careful not to scratch the tiles.

2. Spray an all-purpose cleaner such as spray & wipe, which is non-abrasive, directly onto the ceramic tiles, a dash of Domestos in a bucket of water i.e. 2 capfulls is also ok.

3. Leave for ten minutes as it soaks into the film.

4. Gently wipe away the film by using a sponge or soft cloth.

5. Repeat if necessary

6. If the film stays then try and use a mild abrasive cleaner, such as Domestos at the rate of 3 capfulls to a bucket. Leave to soak and then wipe away with your sponge of cloth.

7. Rinse the floor with water thoroughly to make sure all household cleaning products are removed from the tiles, as any remaining residue may appear on the tiles over time.

8. Wipe the floor down to dry with a towel.

Kanklean Tip:

Avoid using heavy amounts of bleach as it will yellow grout if left for too long

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Office Cleaning Services By Kanklean!

Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

Kanklean has specially trained commercial teams ready to take care of your work environment. Our cleaners are equipped to look after all kinds of areas and working environments whether they are large or small. We understand, as business owners, the importance of clean and fresh surroundings for all employees. All of our Office Cleaning Services teams are experienced, efficient and versatile with your cleaning requests. Our cleaning hours can be arranged at any time, day or night, any day of the week.

There are no surcharges for weekends.

With over twenty years of experience, we service a range of  locations from offices through to builders cleans. No job is too tough.

A clean and attractive office can reflect positively on your company, but you probably don’t have the time to clean your offices properly. Kanklean Office Cleaning services can do the cleaning for you, letting you focus on running your business. You can rest easy knowing your offices are being cleaned by trained and insured cleaning personnel who have the experience and integrity to handle your commercial cleaning needs with efficiency and discretion.

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Every one of our employees is experienced at office and commercial cleaning at all levels, ensuring that your offices will be thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction every time. Our commercial cleaning Melbourne team come to you with all of our cleaning solutions and equipment. Please call to organize a quote for your clean with our friendly call centre staff!

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Kanklean Cleaning offers a complete selection of  cleaning packages and schedules to fit any business’ size and schedules. Our professional or office cleaning services staff can work after hours for minimal interference with your daily operation, or we can clean your offices during normal business hours. We’ll work quietly and efficiently in the background without interfering with your employees or distracting them.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning or Office Cleaning Services

You can be confident that our cleaning teams understand the need for discretion and are capable of working independently without the need for supervision. If you opt for cleaning during normal business operations, Our Cleaning Professionals will be neat, clean and appropriately dressed at all times.

Let Us Coordinate Our Office Cleaning Services to Fit Your Schedule

Kanklean Cleaning offers a variety of schedules for your Office. Cleaning that meets your high standards is always our focus; we look forward to devising a cleaning schedule that works around your business’ office hours. Whether you need routine weekly cleaning by our Commercial Cleaning team or have an immediate need for awning cleaning or window washing, we have a cleaning team to meet your needs.

7 Days / Week

This is the Kanklean office cleaning service that’s ideal for larger offices that require frequent cleaning due to heavy traffic flow, exposure to the elements, or the type of products and equipment used.

3 Days / Week

This is a money saving option for offices that may not need daily cleaning, but who want something more frequent than a weekly office clean in order to maintain that fresh, just cleaned look every day.

Monthly Cleaningoffice cleaning services melbourne

This is a great Kanklean office cleaning services option if you would like some help staying on top of the heavy cleaning, but aren’t ready to commit to a weekly schedule. If your employees need to keep their areas clean but don’t always have the time to do a heavy, deep cleaning, our monthly Kanklean cleaning service is a great solution.

5 Days / Week

This is a practical option for any business that needs daily Kanklean office cleaning services but is only open 5 days a week. Work with our trusted Cleaning staff to find the days that work best for your business.

Weekly Cleaning

This is ideal for smaller businesses and companies and offices where heavy traffic, exposure to the elements, dust and debris, or the use of heavy equipment isn’t a problem. We have the ideal Kanklean cleaning solution for smaller budgets.

Quarterly Cleaning

Quarterly cleaning is Kanklean’s Commercial Cleaning version of seasonal cleaning. It includes routine as well as heavy cleaning four times a year to wipe away the grime and give your employees the incentive they need to maintain their office space for the rest of the year.

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